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tree removal services bellingham wa

Do you have a dead or decaying tree in your yard? No one likes an eye sore like that, especially your in-laws who are coming to visit from out of town. Don't let them have any conversational ammo at the dinner table! Cascade Tree Service Bellingham will take care of any size tree removal job fast.

Bellingham Tree Removal

Cascade Tree Service provides comprehensive tree removal services for commercial and residential in Bellingham WA. We take care of the entire process:

1. FREE Tree Removal Estimates
2. Professional Arborist Evaluation of Project
3. Licensed and Bonded Tree Service Specialists
4. Total Tree Removal
5. Stump Removal
6. After Project Cleanup
7. Firewood (if required)

When you hire a Bellingham tree removal company, this is the recipe for success. We always offer free tree removal estimates along with a professional evaluation of each project. We only employ licensed and bonded tree service specialists who practice total tree removal compared to some tree removal companies who only do partial tree removals. After the tree has been safely removed we also do stump removal to get your property looking great and ready for grass seed. You can be sure that we do total cleanup after our project and won't leave branches and logs everywhere. And of course if you'd like firewood for your home we do offer firewood services from the tree we removed from your property.

Maybe a tree looked great in your yard a few years ago, but it has grown so big that it’s taking over the landscaping or garden. Perhaps even worse, the roots are bound to threaten the integrity of your house or your neighbor's house. 

How about one of those crazy Fall and Winter storms we get in Bellingham Washington? Often times a tree gets blown over onto a house or a parked car. Not good! Tree removal after storms is important.

There might be shade where you really don’t want there to be shade. You also have to think about the shade that tree provides could be choking out other plants in your yard of much needed sunlight. 

These are just a few reasons you might want a tree removed from your yard but we are happy to hear your unique needs for professional tree removal! We think we've heard 'em all, but probably not! 

We will come out and evaluate the tree and work with you to plan the best method for removing that unwanted tree!

Cascade Tree Service provides free consultations and quotes for tree removal services, so why wait? Call today! 360-383-5661

We get calls all the time like the scenario you see on your right. One of your trees falls on a neighbor's house, property or car and you are freaking out. You need to get that taken care of as soon as possible. Good thing we do emergency tree removal in a hurry.

tree removal services bellingham wa