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Some people still love burning firewood in their fireplace during the winter months. Instead of buying firewood you can just convert that old, dead tree you've been meaning to get removed for years into dry firewood perfect for burning through the winter. It's actually the smart thing to do! Don't have your tree hauled away when you can have firewood chopped up and stacked for you. Getting a tree removal and firewood quote is free, you might be surprised at how affordable our tree removal services can be.

Bellingham Firewood Services

Not every Bellingham home has a fireplace to burn the firewood. What about an outdoor fire pit? Or firewood for camping? You could even sell it yourself. There are so many reasons to take care of that unsightly stump in the middle of your yard, or that dead tree posing a threat to your home's roof and get a lot of firewood out of the job. Double whammy! 

Of course, you may just want your yard back from that big dead tree or stump, and we're happy to be your tree removal company Bellingham. But if you do have a fireplace or backyard fire pit you might want to keep the large quantity of firewood for your pile. You might be surprised at how much firewood an old tree can provide you! You will get it all with a tree removal. Everything from fine kindling to nice sized logs to thick logs where you can practice and perfect your wood chopping skills.

Cascade Tree Service provides free quotes on tree removal and firewood services so give us a call 360-383-5661

It's time to turn that old dead tree or stump from a liability into an asset! Contact the only total tree removal company in Bellingham and let Cascade Tree Service keep you warm this winter.