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site prep

Site preparation is an important process in any project that you would love to undertake on your property. Whether you would want to cultivate the land or put a house or commercial property, site prep is important.

We are the leading site prep company in Bellingham WA and offers a wide range of services including site preparation.

One of the reasons why most clients prefer us is the fact that we will pay attention to your needs and see to it that you have tailored solutions.

Do you have a construction site that has a lot of unwanted vegetation and debris? We are the best for land clearing and have the right equipment to execute the task.

When you choose us, we will remove all trees, shrubs, roots, and other debris. Since we have different machines and equipment, we will pick the right tools for your specific tasks. If there are dangerous materials on the land, our crews will be able to remove and dispose of them safely.

Our contractors will provide regular updates on the work being done.

Besides the land clearing, site preparation entails so many other services and we are ready to provide comprehensive solutions.

Over the years, we have continued to invest in modern and advanced equipment to allow us to handle different tasks effectively.  If you are searching for a site preparation contractor in Bellingham, WA, give us a call right away to schedule an appointment.


When you have trenches or places that have been excavated, there may be a need to put back the soil in such areas. This is what is known as backfilling and our contractors are able to deliver this. Filling back the soil to a foundation or a trench is a task that requires careful planning and the use of heavy-duty equipment. Fortunately, we are a full-service excavation company and we have so much to offer.

Every property is unique and the soil may have different characteristics. As such, our crews are careful during the backfilling process and will ensure that there is no damage caused to the structures or underground utilities. Where needed, we will fill the soil and compact the area for safety reasons. These are steps that we take so as to ensure that there are no loose layers left on your property.

Our crews assure you quality workmanship when it comes to backfilling and compacting.

Grading Services

Unfortunately, not all yards are leveled and this may affect some of the projects that you would want to execute. We offer the best grading services and this has so many benefits. There are some people who may assume that grading is for visual purposes only. However, the type of surface you have will determine the drainage and the overall landscape design. We have experienced contractors, who will ensure that your yard is graded and leveled in a professional way.

The drainage on your property depends on the topography of the area to function smoothly. If the water is not able to drain easily, it may go back to your foundation and this can cause a serious mess. You do not want to incur thousands of dollars with foundation repairs while the damage can be avoided. Talk to us today and let us assess your property and determine the right solution. We have all the grading equipment that may be required to complete the work.

Bulk Earthworks

We believe that there is no task that is too big or too small for us. As such, you can trust us to handle bulk earthworks effortlessly.

This is something that we have grown into by hiring experienced contractors and investing in a diverse fleet of earthmoving equipment.

We have machinery for excavations, land clearing, trenching, backfilling, grading and so much more.

If you need to have a site prepared for your next project, we are here for you and ready to get to work.

We are a company that takes great pride in providing our expertise in site development projects in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Our focus is to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied and that their needs are met.

Talk to us and we will be happy to take up any commercial or residential earthworks projects.