Tree Removal: A How-To


November 19, 2016

Tree Removal: A How-To

How to remove a tree 

Tree removal is an important service when it comes to maintaining the health of the tree and also the appearance of your lawn. There are different reasons that may prompt to have your tree removed and they include:

  • The tree is dead
  • If the tree is unhealthy 
  • If the tree is invading into your home or the roots are encroaching on your house 
  • If the tree is providing too much shade to the extent the rest of the lawn is not getting sunshine 
  • If you are looking to make improvements and the different projects can cause damage to the tree 
  • If the tree is dangerous to the health of the people living in your home 

There are different steps that are taken to determine if the tree should be removed. When you are looking to resize the tree, you may opt for the loping procedure instead. This process will allow you to resize your tree to the desired height. You however need to be careful when you are opting for this service. This is because not all trees will benefit from the process. 

If you decide to remove the tree permanently, there are different steps that you can follow to successfully remove it. Keep in mind that tree removal should be done by a professional to avoid unnecessary damage.

The step by step guide 

  • Study the  area 

Take time to study the tree and the surrounding environment before you can proceed to cut the tree. Are there any obstacles in the way like cars, other trees, and flower bed? What is the angle that the tree will fall in? Are there open wounds on the trunk? This can be an indication that the tree is rotten from the inside. 

It is important for you to establish the escape routes that you can use when you are cutting down the tree. 

  • Felling 

First and foremost you need to have the right tools and equipment.  You need to insert the undercut. This will serve as a guide for cutting the tree down. You will cut the trunk of the tree in a 90 degree angle so as to allow the tree to fall into the direction you choose. Make the undercut at least 1/4th of the tree’s diameter. There is the back cut that should be inserted on the opposite side.

You need to shut down the chain saw when the tree starts to fall. The tree may fall back backwards of the trunk and that is why you need to stand on your escape paths.

  • Remove the branches 

You need to cut down the branches of the tree starting from the bottom to the top.

You may choose to leave the stump in place. This will lead to the growth of another healthy tree. But, if you want to remove the tree completely, then you also need to remove the stump. You can use the different equipment to cut through or you may opt to burn the stump. Check out our friends at Stump Removal Spokane.

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If you need tree removal in Bellingham Washington, don't hesitate to do the right thing and hire a professional! 

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