The Top 10 Problems in the Tree Care Industry


October 12, 2016

The Top 10 Problems in the Tree Care Industry

Apologies for the brevity but when you're passionate about tree care like Tree Service Bellingham is then you get worked up and want to speak your mind. This is for the sake of trees and people, alike!Let me be clear, this is what Cascade Tree Service is NOT. We hold ourselves and everyone we work with to high standards, and you should too! 

1. Terrible Safety Records

You have to trust an arborist to do their job and take good care of your trees, and property. How can you trust the tree care company if they don't care enough about themselves to work safely?

2. Not Applying Standards

For both the workers and consultants. You must learn how to write a proper job specification by using tree ID's, type of work, purpose of work and close. Easy! 

3. Too Many Owner Operators

The tree care industry is so broken up that the smaller employee companies are isolated from the companies and people doing great work.

4. Unprofessionalism

Cursing, smoking on site, and that swagger walk around Mrs. Smith's property makes us all look like a load of inconsiderate tree guys. Trust me, I let those workers go long ago, but it's still rampant in the industry as a whole.

5. Low, Super Low Pricing

By charging too little tree care companies are not only devaluing the industry but also putting the burden to work faster and in unsafe environments.

6. Lack of Training and Education

As an operator you have to come to terms with yourself and ask if you have the proper education to be an operator in the tree care industry. If not, get it! 

7. Lack of Professional Licensing

In Washington State there is a stricter law for becoming a hairdresser than there is for being a tree service arborist.

8. Poor Pruning

A lot of arborists don't know how to properly care for a tree and prune it properly. The brutes are just good at cutting them down.

9. Too Many Tree Removals

Tree removal on trees that are otherwise healthy is bad for everyone on the planet. Not to mention removing a healthy tree means you'll never get to work on it again. Bad business!

10. Lack of Enforcement

Government agencies and our Bellingham WA community needs to police the tree cutting service industry more or people and tree will end up hurt, dead or abused.Thank you for reading my rant on the state of the tree service industry today. Let's make a better world, one tree at a time!

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