How to Choose a Tree Service Company


October 11, 2016

How to Choose a Tree Service Company

Deciding on a tree service company can be hard. You want the cheapest, fastest and most professional company in town. But it's never a one size fits all world, is it? Think of it this way. If you want cheap tree removal, then you might not get a professional tree service company. If you want a great service then it might not be cheap. There are so many variables at play when trying to choose a tree cutting service company and we're here to help you make your decision.

1. Insurance

Make sure that the tree service you are intending on using has appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. All certifications should be readily available to you. If a company has an accident and does not have insurance then unfortunately you are liable. You will have to pay for repairs to your own property and any injuries that occurred as a result of the accident. Yikes! Do yourself a favor and make sure the tree cutting service has proper insurance.

2. Too Cheap?

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. We're all looking for bargains when making a purchase but keep these things in mind. If a tree removal company is charging you very little they may not have very much experience, do not have proper insurances and/or certifications or they only intend to complete part of the project.

3. Too Expensive?

Likewise, if the price is too high then there may be something up. Perhaps the tree cutting service is too busy and they're raising rates to scare off customers and the worse thing that could happen is they say yes. They'll have to squeeze man hours to get the job completed but at least they receive a higher profit.

4. Avoid door to door contractors

No, not all door-to-door contractors are bad, and that's just how they market or go looking for work. Especially when the tree service company is in the neighborhood for the job with all their equipment and are just looking for extra work while they're there. That's fine. However, deciding on a project like tree removal or any other tree service in the spur of the moment at your front door is something that should not be taken lightly. There are many variables when making the right decision about your trees and which tree cutting service company you should hire in Bellingham WA. Just be careful, and ask the right questions and you should be fine!

5. Pay when satisfied

Once you've gone through the steps of picking a tree cutting service in Bellingham that you feel comfortable with, the most important rule to follow is never EVER pay for a tree trimming or tree removal service until you're 100% satisfied with the work. Now this obviously doesn't mean this is an opportunity to make a fuss and try to get out of paying anything (we know who you are!) but you certainly should feel OK to make a point if the job was not done correctly. Here at Cascade Tree Service we pride ourselves on servicing our clients to best of our abilities and their testimonial to our work means a lot. I hope these tips will have you off on the right direction when choosing a tree cutting service company in Bellingham WA! And remember, Cascade Tree Service is the premier choice for all your tree needs!

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