How to Care For Trees in the Winter


November 17, 2016

How to Care For Trees in the Winter

The above and below zero weather temperature will have a toll on your trees and you don’t have control over that. However, there are different ways that you can ensure that you take care of your tree to limit the damage done. 

There are different problems that you will experience during the winter and they include;

  • Cold stress 

This is usually caused by the daytime heat and also the nighttime freezing. It is the temperature variation that will cause the tree stress. This will cause the bark and the trunk to cracks. 

There is little that can be done to solve this issue. However, there are tools that you can use to be able to manage the problem. One of them is applying the wilt purf to help in reducing the moisture loss.

The other problem caused by the temperature variations is the late growth. The ice particles will cause the cell to rupture. This will cause the tree to stagnate or die. To avoid this problem, you need to avoid pruning the tree before winter until the tree gets to the dormancy stage. 

If you prune the tree, it will lead to new growth which will increase the frost damage. You also need to avoid using fertilizers that contain a lot of nitrogen.

  • Winter drought 

During winter, the trees do not absorb much water, In fact, they tend to lose more water and this will lead to drought. To solve this problem, you may opt for the option of using mulch. Mulch tends to prevent moisture loss during winter. 

The mulch will also act as a temperature regulator for the roots.

  • Branch breakage 

During winter, the branches are prone to breakage. This is because the wood will harden and become brittle. Because of this, the branches are prone to wind breakage. There is also the problem of ice and snow that can affect all the types of trees. 

The best way to control this problem lies on pruning. Removing all the weak and vulnerable branches will reduce this process. 

  • Root injury 

This usually occurs when the cold air penetrates into the root system which will limit the fall root growth or the death of the new roots. To encourage the growth of the roots during fall and also reduce the injury on the roots you may use mulch. You also need to water the trees properly before the winter season begins so as to keep frost from penetrating through. 

  • Rodents 

The trees will become the target for the rodents during winter because they are looking for food. To keep them off you need to put enough mulch and leave a space in the mulch. Check the trees for rodents often. If they are proving to be difficult, you need to set a bait.

You need to keep checking the trees and maintain the health throughout the year. Healthy trees will be able to withstand the winter season. 

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