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Cascade Tree Service loves going to service the great people of Lynden WA for all their tree care needs. The people of Lynden get it - proper lawn care, tree trimming, hedge trimming, tree removal, yard clean up - you name it. Let's face it. You don't want to look bad next to your neighbor's perfectly maintained trees and yard. So call Cascade Tree Service to take care of your tree services for you.

Lynden Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Services

It's best to take care of your trees before they have to be removed. While we do total Lynden tree care as well, if the time comes where you need tree removal we are the tree service company you should call first. There are a few to choose from in the area, but be rest assured that Cascade Tree Service is the premium choice for your Lynden tree service needs. Our prices are competitive, we are on time and make sure to clean up completely when the jobs done. No leaving branches, logs, twigs, leaves or anything else on the job site. We've seen it all - empty soda can and bottles, food wrappers left by other tree service companies. But not us! We respect each client we have the pleasure of serving.

Lynden Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

In case you need some trees removed, it's best to do it safely and efficiently. We always clean up your property after a tree removal project. So if you need tree removal services you know that our team will take great care of your property, do the project quickly yet safely, and leave you satisfied.

Lynden is the second largest city in Whatcom County, after Bellingham, WA. Lynden was established in 1874 near a Nooksack Indian village named Squahalish. The population of Lynden is about 14,259. These residents are known as "Lyndenites" who enjoy their home to the Northwest Washington Fair. The city lies in a big valley of the Nooksack River which flows from Mt. Baker, through the valley and empties into Bellingham Bay. The city is known for its mandatory manicured lawns, all the churches and Dutch architecture. In 2005 the city also gained an infamous status for the Lynden Drug Tunnel, built by a band of canadian drug smugglers.

Lynden Tree Service


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