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Are you looking for tree service in the Chuckanut neighborhood in Bellingham, WA? Then you've come to the right place! Tree Service Bellingham is a leading tree removal service provider in Bellingham. Look no further than hiring our Chuckanut tree service experts to do all of your tree removal and tree trimming projects.

Chuckanut Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Services

Sometimes your trees need a healthy trim. This is totally normal and actually good for your trees - if you do it right. Call our tree trimming experts and we'll trim your trees right the first time to prevent any unwanted damage to your trees.

Chuckanut Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

In case you need some trees removed, it's best to do it safely and efficiently. We always clean up your property after a tree removal project. So if you need tree removal services you know that our team will take great care of your property, do the project quickly yet safely, and leave you satisfied.

Chuckanut (Chuckanut Mountains or Chuckanuts) are located in northern Washington state on the coast of the Salish Sea, just south of Bellingham, Washington. This unique place is the only place where the Cascade Mountain Range come down and meet the sea. This community is close to Fairhaven, WA, and original city of Bellingham, WA. Known for Chuckanut Bay, the Oyster Bar, the windy Chuckanut road, this is truly a special place in Washington.

Chuckanut Tree Service


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