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Are you looking for tree service in the Barkley Village neighborhood in Bellingham, WA? Then you've come to the right place! Tree Service Bellingham is a leading tree removal service provider in Bellingham. Look no further than hiring our Barkley Village tree service experts to do all of your tree removal and tree trimming projects.

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Sometimes your trees need a healthy trim. This is totally normal and actually good for your trees - if you do it right. Call our tree trimming experts and we'll trim your trees right the first time to prevent any unwanted damage to your trees.

Barkley Village Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

In case you need some trees removed, it's best to do it safely and efficiently. We always clean up your property after a tree removal project. So if you need tree removal services you know that our team will take great care of your property, do the project quickly yet safely, and leave you satisfied.

Barkley Village is a large, 250 acre urban village with residential and commercial uses located in Bellingham, Washington. To residents in other parts of Bellingham, Barkley Village is most well known for its movie theater, the only surviving movie theater in town. Barkley Village's mission statement is: "Barkley Company is changing the profile of Bellingham by continuously building an exciting neighborhood and vibrant commercial center.  We do this one project, one business, and one relationship at a time.  New ideas, innovation and attention to detail are all key components in this effort.". The architecture in Barkley Village is very thoughtful and features contemporary designs using brick, steel and stone. Considered one of Bellingham's premier business park locations, Barkley Village serves a variety of companies in the medical, finance, professional and retail sectors. The Barkley Company is owned by the Talbot family who have been a part of Bellingham since 1941.

Barkley Village Tree Service


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